Villa Stella
Information on trash sorting



Waste sorting is mandatory in the municipality of Borgholm. If tenants do not follow the directions detailed below, and/or leave trash in the cottage or on the premises at the end of their stay in Villa Stella, additional costs for the handling of this trash may be charged by the landlord.

  • Food waste must be placed in the green plastic bags distributed by the municipality. These plastic bags are available in the kitchen. Once filled, the green bags must be sealed with two knots so that they do not spill or leak, and placed in the large green trash can behind the cottage. Do not use other types or colors of plastic bags for food waste.
  • Bathroom waste, envelopes and post-it notes must be collected in plastic bags of other color than green. Once filled, also these bags must be sealed with a double knot and placed in the large trash can. Suitable plastic bags for this use are also available in the kitchen.
  • Dirty or sticky food packaging must be rinsed with water before sorting.
  • The following types of household waste must be deposited in the right type of containers in the local recycling station near Hammarvägen 10 (350 m), which is open 24 hours a day:
      • Normal batteries, albeit not car batteries or other large batteries.
      • Paper packaging and flattened cardboard boxes (including paper food packaging).
      • Plastic packaging (including plastic food packaging).
      • Metal cans and metal packaging (including metal food packaging).
      • Colored glass, not bigger than a normal bottle.
      • Transparent glass, not bigger than a normal bottle.
      • Magazines and printed paper, but not envelopes and post-it notes.
  • You are not allowed to leave waste outside the containers at the recycling station, especially waste too large to fit in containers, or of a type for which there are no containers. The municipality uses surveillance videocameras to catch transgressors, and is good at it.
  • Lamp bulbs, electronics, large waste items, car batteries and other environmentally dangerous waste must be driven by car to one of the municipal recycling plants. More information is available on the municipal website.
  • You are welcome to ask the landlord any questions on which types of waste should be placed in the trash can or carried to the local recycling station.
  • The landlord will move the trash can to the street on collection day. Trash is collected every other week, so it is possible that no trash collection will take place during your stay. More information on waste sorting is available on the municipal web page on waste sorting.